Control Every Aspect Of Your Smartphone Privacy- Free Apps Exposes Your Private Information


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Control Every Aspect Of Your Smartphone Privacy

Our smartphones have become the core of our daily lives. We need to protect them more than ever.

Smartphone is operating our lives. Right from managing contacts, communicating, increasing productivity, accomplishing daily tasks, and so much more, everything is available at out fingertips. And let’s be honest, we are storing even more sensitive data on these devices than ever before. Today, they are becoming targets of interlopers seeking to intrude on your privacy.

Don’t find yourself a victim of smartphone breaches.

We’ve prepared an essential eBook to learn how to maximize your security and privacy on your device. Keep your sensitive data safe, your smartphone intact, and your daily life running as usual. Learn what to look out for, and how you can stop any intrusions.

8 reviews for Control Every Aspect Of Your Smartphone Privacy- Free Apps Exposes Your Private Information

  1. Sean

    This book was given to me by a good friend because he knew what took place in my friend

    This book was given to me by a good friend because he knew what took place in my private cyber world. This is a great read. I wish I had this book a few months ago, I would have same myself a lot of time, money and a great peace of mind. It is so simple and easy for gatekeepers and hackers to get your information. End user do not fully understand the risk we put ourselves through each day. This guide is an excellent place to start, honestly I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is trying to get your privacy information back on track.

  2. Bill Turner

    Secure Your Smartphone and Understand what is the cost of “Free Apps”

    The book by Michael Shaw “Control Every Aspect of Your Privacy” is an excellent read for everyone who owns a Smartphone. Is your smart phone set to protect your privacy? Did you know that when you download a free app that you often pay the price of giving your permission of data security to advertising agencies, who will use the information to promote their advertising to you and your friends. You will find out through social networks such as Facebook, Linked in, and many others what info you may be giving to people you do not even know. This book has opened my eyes and will do the same for you. The author has detailed information that we often do not realize that we give permission to those who design “FREE” apps that cost us in personal information.

    Bank transactions, Photos, and yes even contact lists and much more information. How much of your information is sent to third party advertisers? This book has a lot of info about who gets what from your smart phone. Well done. Find out about the privacy crisis taking place in the world today. Become informed about what you may be giving away in exchange for the “free app.” If you do not understand what permissions you are giving the app access to. It is time for you to gain some knowledge. This book will help.

  3. Shelia

    Great info for smartphone users!

    This is such an important topic! Privacy issues and breaches are pervasive in today’s society. I received this book through an email promotion, and was very interested in what it had to say. After reading the book, I can say that it has educated me as to important aspects regarding my privacy and safety when using my smartphone. All to often we don’t consider what risks we take when we download and use apps on our phones. This is a great informative piece that helps users understand what information apps use and make available. I would recommend this to all smartphone users.

  4. Devon

    A lot of good information

    This has probably been one of my best purchases recently. I had no idea that your privacy could be compromised so much just by downloading a simple app. I learned so much about the agendas of a lot of app developers and why a lot of apps are free.

    Reading this book will have you thinking about how careful you need to be on what you do on your smart phone or rather be even more careful of what you download on it.

    Entertainment apps, Social apps, and even video game apps can be potentially harmful when it comes to maintaining your privacy.

    I have learned to never accept the Terms and Agreements without actually looking to see what it says, and they may be something that seems like its obvious but a lot of people are guilty of it.

    Not only does the author give eye opening problems on what is wrong with certain apps and what to look out for but he also gives solutions to all of these problems, with apps that you can download to protect your privacy and also providing tips to help as well.

    Thank you Michael Shaw, for this eye opening book. You truly have opened my eyes to the dangers of my privacy and what I can do to fix them.

  5. Amazon Customer

    be mindful of permissions and stealthy ads

    I have a strong interest in privacy rights and how those rights apply to mobile phones and other devices. I applaud the author’s efforts toward educating consumers about privacy breaches. There is some useful background information in this book. However, it became quite clear as I continued to read that this book is an advertisement for CallmeEvo. The author even provides a discussion as to why his application is a better product than his competitors’ applications. I didn’t see anything about this disclosed in the book synopsis

  6. Valerie

    A real eye-opener

    I received this book for free from an email promotion. I must admit it was a real eye-opener for me; I hadn’t realised how much my privacy can be compromised by downloading apps on my smart phone. The author does a great job of highlighting the dangers of storing highly sensitive and personal information on your phone, and explains how some unscrupulous people can access this information with often disastrous results.

    The book is well researched and gives sound advice with regard to keeping your personal information secure. I would definitely recommend it to all smart phone devotees; it will certainly change the way you view these clever little gadgets.

  7. Lee

    Hands-on smartphone privacy guide

    Verified Purchase
    Like many others, I use my smartphone for online payments and other important transactions. Besides the financial aspects, pretty much all my other personal account are synced with my phone. So if I were to lose it, or get hacked, all my work and personal life would be compromised. It never happened to me but I keep hearing more and more often how getting hacked it’s a serious issue. With this in mind, I think Michael Shaw’s book is a true gold mine. It’s a hands-on guide on how to protect your smartphone privacy describing many useful apps on this matter. The writing isn’t as technical as you may think; it’s straight forward simple instructions on how and why to use each app. I would say this book is a must read for all smartphone users!

  8. Pat

    Informative and Resourceful

    I got “How To Control Your Smartphone Privacy” for free from an email promotion and wanted to give your thoughts on how the information shared in the book educated and helped you in protecting your privacy.
    Upfront and honest, this book teaches readers that daily smartphone activities are much more complicated than we think. The complications are portals to allow hackers and viruses in to steal our personal and financial information.
    However, after presenting the problems with identity stealing apps Shaw offers solutions to fix and prevent future problems and information on safe downloads to protect your privacy and also providing tips to help as well.

    This book is great for everyone, not just active smartphone users. You don’t have to be a technical professional to understand this book and all it has to offer.
    I would recommend it to anyone interested in finding out more about how things we do every day on our smart phones can put us at risk for privacy breaches. It’s important to be informed and take action as “How To Control Your Smartphone Privacy” recommends in its guide.

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